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Trophies & Quaichs

Alexander Kirkwood & Son specialise in the supply of trophies, trophy bases and quaichs which come in all shapes, sizes, metals and finishes. We also offer an engraving service.

Quaichs can be a beautiful way to celebrate achievement. Originally made of wood, a quaich is a traditional Scottish shallow drinking cup with two handles. Alexander Kirkwood & Son  supply these in pewter (2.5” up to 8” diameter) and silver plate (4 ¼ “ to 8” diameter). We can also supply wooden quaichs with silver, silver plate or pewter rims. 

A few examples of  trophies and quaichs are shown below. Please get in touch if you are interested and we can provide you with options and pricing to suit your requirements.

If you are looking for something more unique, we can offer a bespoke service to create a unique trophy for your event / award. Head over to our bespoke section to see a few examples.

British Columbia Pipers Association

The British Columbia Pipers’ Association was founded in 1932 with the inaugural meeting held at the Vancouver Police Station in the summer of that year. They are a volunteer driven organisation serving Highland Bagpipers, Scottish drummers and Bagpipe bands in the Pacific Northwest. They promote the tradition of Scottish music through teaching, annual competition, and performances.

The Association approached us about a new quaich for the top ‘Open Piper’ at their Annual Gathering – we created a beautiful 9” diameter Hallmarked Silver Quaich, hand-engraved using a Celtic font with a Celtic motif either side. 

The Hallmark is made up of a series of symbols – only one of which is the guarantee of the purity of the silver. From left to right, the marks and their meanings are: K&S, the Alexander Kirkwood & Son makers mark; 925, confirming the item is 92.5% Sterling Silver; Lion rampant to represent Scotland; Castle to represent the item was ‘assayed’ in Edinburgh; X to indicate 2022; and finally the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee mark – only for use in 2022.

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